Medical Clinic: Marketing and Patient Analysis



Unclear if marketing campaign was beneficial or burning cash.  Multiple databases in different locations made connecting the information all the more difficult.


Sophisticated software was used to connect databases in the cloud (Microsoft Azure server).  Data was then analyzed using Tableau (visual representation) and @Risk (confidence levels associated with successful campaign).  

When the data was aggregated together, the analysis showed other, more profitable marketing paths!

*HIPPA complaint solution, protecting patient data.

CPG Company - Tracking Sales Velocity



CPG company had no handle on their sales velocity (quantity sold) per week / month etc.  Multiple distributors and data sources made this manual task very time consuming.


Automatically connecting to data sources and creating dashboards that let them see the performance with various metrics made the manual process much faster and more accurate.

Online Retailer - Multiple Stores



Large online retailer with multiple stores had staff manually update sales and advertisement information weekly with Excel spreadsheets downloaded from various sources (e.g. Amazon and Google Ads).  Time consuming and also prone to many errors in transposing data across multiple data sources.


Automatically connected to Amazon and other inventory control programs to allow daily updating of business metrics (sales, inventory, ad performance, etc) including analytics e.g. forecasting sales and products.  Saved time and performed more accurately.